ranks LSMSA among Top 30 STEM programs in the nation

LSMSA is the only school in Louisiana to be included on’s list of Top 30 high school STEM programs. has ranked the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) as having one of the Top 30 high school STEM programs in the nation.
LSMSA received the recognition for utilizing “a curriculum that emphasizes conceptual understanding, analytical skills, problem solving, application, and appropriate use of technology…. Students have access to college-level laboratory equipment, for example a genetics lab, infrared spectrophotometer, rotary evaporator, and virtual astronomy. STEM courses include Intro to Cybersecurity, Thermochemistry, Mathematical Modeling Simulation, Topology, Quantum Mechanics, Database Design, Embryology, and Introductory to Nuclear Physics.”
“I am really excited that we’ve been recognized among the Top 30 STEM schools in the nation!” exclaimed Senior Lecturer of Mathematics and Computer Science Sanjeetha Peters. “Our rigorous curriculum in Mathematics and innovative ways of teaching the subject outside-the-box have prepared our students to be brilliant computer programmers and analytical problem-solvers, both of which are crucial skills to have in today’s demanding fields of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence.”
Opportunities for students at LSMSA expand outside of the traditional classroom. In the sciences, they can learn from professional researchers through the Science Speaker Series and Future Scientist Program, as well as engage in summer research that can lead to future internships and independent studies. These initiatives are headed by Senior Lecturer of Chemistry Dr. Chris Hynes.
“Unlike many public school programs, we can actually provide and do research on campus,” expressed Associate Lecturer of Chemistry Dr. Michelle Stover. “In addition, we also have connections with other universities and have Dr. Hynes who helps students find summer research opportunities all over the nation, which gives them options to study different areas of science.”
This year, students are now able to take an introductory engineering course that specifically focuses on careers in the field.
“Thirty-two students between two classes are now taking the one-hour seminar,” said Randy Key, LSMSA’s associate lecturer of mathematics who is instructing the course. “It’s project-based, and the students get to learn from current engineers, many of whom are alumni who are giving back to the school.
“Many of our students have expressed an interest in the field of engineering but are not entirely sure what it is. Offering this course will provide them an exploratory look at the field to see if it is something they would like to consider as a career. It will also offer them an academic advantage whenever they attend college.”
LSMSA Executive Director Dr. Steve Horton has no doubt that the engineering program will continue to expand.
“The fact that these are two full courses shows how high of an interest our students have in the field,” said Horton. “The students’ demand will ultimately dictate where the course will go and what offerings we will be able to provide. We have plans to expand to a three-hour course as early as the fall semester.”
“The recognition for our program is amazing for the school and our department,” said Stover. “It shows all of the hard work we put into giving the students as many opportunities as we can.”
LSMSA is the only school in Louisiana and one of the few in the south to be included in’s list of the Top 30 high school STEM programs. is a leading source for online resources and courses for K-12 and post-secondary education.
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