About the Program

Since 2011, the Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the NSU Child and Family Network, a resource and referral agency, to offer the Natchitoches Early Childhood Project.  The Chamber recognizes the importance of the earliest formative years for our little ones and uses funds from this program to provide enhanced environments in local, Class A, Quality Start early childhood education centers.  This is just another way the Chamber is helping to shape the future of Natchitoches!


About Donating

The first five years of life are critical in a child’s development. By investing in a system that builds a high quality early education programs, you help give parents opportunities to choose centers that they trust. You can support:

  • Training & Technical Assistance
  • Learning Resource Programs

The program is funded by local businesses taking advantage of a Louisiana Department of Revenue tax credit.  See the flyers below for more information.

Please contact your CPA or Tony Davis at the Chamber for more details.

Also, see this page on the LDR site for more information.

The 2017 Louisiana Teacher and Principal awards have been announced!  Click here to see this year’s list of outstanding educators.