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The Natchitoches complex was founded in 1978 and consists of a 134,000- square-foot processing plant, a 53,000-square-foot hatchery built in 1977, a feed mill that was completed in 2008, and a live haul facility with a maintenance shop that was acquired in 1972. The Natchitoches complex processes 1.3 million birds per week and produces 3.7 million pounds a week of wogs (injected and non-injected), whole birds, fast food cuts (injected and non-injected), and parts (injected and non-injected).

This 2 year program will help provide interns with challenging, hands-on work experience in both a production and mechanical business environment. Pilgrim’s has designed a world-class internship which includes:

  • A built-in mentoring program
  • Rotational peer shadowing
  • Opportunities to master a multi-skilled technical skill set


Additional benefits include exposure to production and mechanical leaders, participation in leadership development, and the opportunity to make a difference in the community. Interns will have the opportunity to lead others through various projects and assignments. Interns will have the opportunity to tailor their program to experience various disciplines and areas of interest, while also exploring the foundations of the business at the facility level. The program is focused on giving participants the skills they need to read complex situations, set innovative strategies, and execute those strategies with integrity and effectiveness. Pilgrim’s offers lasting education, experience, class credit and a journey inside the world’s largest animal protein company.