Come Build With Us

Natchitoches Parish is development-ready with a focus on adding new, shovel-ready sites to our inventory.

Currently, Natchitoches Parish boasts two (2) Certified Sites (certified via Louisiana Economic Development, LED), (2) two marketed sites pursuing Certification and one marketed structure.  The North Louisiana Economic Partnership (NLEP), a regional EDO covering Natchitoches Parish, offers (8) Certified Sites, with two of those in Natchitoches Parish.  Our local team prides itself on the work done to certify parcels and the strong action plan for certifying more.

LED Certified Sites are development-ready industrial sites. LED certification is granted after an extensive application process and exhaustive review. The benefits of certification include official acknowledgement of a site’s suitability and readiness and improved success in the site selection process. The program’s rigorous review process is conducted by an independent, third-party engineering firm.