Natchitoches Maps

These visuals offer insight into the area in and around Natchitoches.  Click on the pictures below for full page maps.


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Area Markets

To the North, East, West and South, Natchitoches is surrounded by cities teeming with people, culture and economic opportunities. Four key cities in the South —  Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Little Rock — are only a four-hour driving radius away. Whether it’s just a visit to a surrounding city, or an important trade route, Natchitoches is located half a day’s drive away.

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There’s a reason Natchitoches was the first French settlement in Louisiana. It is at a critical location on the Red River as well as being on one of the best trade routes. To this day, that has not changed. Being connected to so many major interstates, highways, railways and waterways, Natchitoches is a great economic opportunity.

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In Louisiana, Natchitoches connects the North to the South. From Shreveport to Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Natchitoches is a central location in the middle of the state. While connected to the two largest interstates in Louisiana, it is the perfect relay point between two important regions. With I-49, businesses can easily travel to many different cities in the surrounding area, making it the perfect spot for business expansion.