Martco L.L.C., known by its trade name RoyOMartin, is one of a group of vertically integrated companies owned by the Martin family focused on land, timber, and mineral resources, with special emphasis on sustainable forests and forest-product manufacturing businesses. The RoyOMartin name honors the business pioneer and Martin family patriarch, Roy O. Martin Sr., who began with a small sawmill in Alexandria, Louisiana, in 1923, and soon thereafter began acquiring timberland.


As a privately held and professionally managed organization, RoyOMartin employs approximately 1,100 competent and contributing team members. The majority of employees work at one of the organization’s two wood-product manufacturing facilities: an oriented strand board (OSB) plant in Oakdale, Louisiana, and a plywood and timbers mill in Chopin, Louisiana. It is these team members’ knowledge and skills in electrical and mechanical maintenance, as well as in additional areas of our fast-paced operations, that are relied upon daily to achieve a host of safety, quality, and production goals. Similarly, when hiring additional members to complement our team, we seek individuals who can effectively communicate with and positively influence others, both inside and outside the organization. It is this combination of hard and soft skills, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do, that will help ensure that our legacy continues for generations to come.


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