Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) Program

Northwestern State University & Central Louisiana Technical Community College

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Earn money while you attend classes; gain valuable experience; start your career–and you could graduate debt free!

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This work/study program gives you the opportunity to learn in the environment in which you will work as well as the ability to apply almost immediately what you learned in class on the manufacturing floor. It is not your typical college degree program. You will attend class full-time two days a week and work at your sponsoring manufacturer three days. You will also learn essential manufacturing principles and develop productive work behaviors for excellent self-development skills–skills that are very attractive to employers. The curriculum implements the multidisciplinary, multi-skilled model with courses in electricity, fluid power, mechanics, fabrication, troubleshooting, problem solving, etc.

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What is the AMT Program?

Students participating in the Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) Program will earn an Associate of Science Degree in Engineering Technology from Northwestern State University (NSU). This degree combined with additional technical courses through the Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC)—Natchitoches Campus will result in an AMT Certificate from CLTCC. This program combines cutting-edge curriculum with paid work experience; it integrates highly sought-after business principles and best practices of world-class manufacturers. it is more than a job; it is a pathway to a successful career.

What makes the AMT Program different?

AMT is more than just sitting in the classroom.  The college and the manufacturer work closely together to enhance student learning.  In addition to gaining skill mastery in the education portion of the program, students learn about the culture of manufacturing through workshops such as safety culture, visual workplace organization, lean manufacturing, problem solving, and machine reliability–and by working in a facility three days a week.  Students earn a wage while attending college and gain priceless work experience and solid work ethic behaviors with global and local manufacturers.

What about after graduation?

While not guaranteed a position with sponsoring manufacturer, graduates have an opportunity to be hired with a great salary and excellent benefits. Other manufacturers seek professionals with this level of experience and training, plus graduates may opt to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in fields such as engineering, technology or business.

What about financial aid?

Although the sponsoring manufacturers’ compensation packages differ, students who participate in the AMT program, with some planning, can usually cover their education expenses.  There are also grants and financial aid available for those who qualify.  Students needing assistance with tuition must start the process by completing an application on the “” website. Students seeking financial aid are encouraged to apply before the deadline of March 1, 2020.  SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE; CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Students are responsible for tuition and fees associated with the AMT program. The program course load is usually 15-18 credit hours per semester.  Students typically work 24 hours per week at the sponsoring manufacturer’s facility.  Participating manufacturers have their own compensation package but base hourly pay does start at $12.00/hour and any tuition reimbursement, raises and other benefit matters are based on the policies of the individuals manufacturer.  Students with manufacturer sponsorship must maintain a “C” or higher in all classes to be retained in this selective program.

Some of the participating manufacturers include:

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Boise Cascade




The AMT program requires a strong team working together.  Learn more about our education partners by clicking the logo.

The AMT program awards an Associate's Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology with a focus in Advanced Manufacturing
Northwestern State University








CLTCC-Natchitoches offers the hands-on training needed for the AMT program and awards a Technical Certificate upon completion
Central Louisiana Technical Community College – Natchitoches

The AMT program requires a strong team working together.  Learn more about community partners by clicking the logo.

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